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Hello my favorite burger-based video-game woman! I was wondering if there was anywhere I could see all the gextra life fanart! I saw a fair amount of it in the youtube videos of gextra life, but im sure i missed some and that just won't do.

Joseph Drouin

Twitter! Hook this dude up with a fanart album for Gextra Life? I don't know where the link went :(

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I hate to be a big lame whiner, but if you stream jackbox stuff again, could you institute a house rule about (non co-commentating) repeat players? Like, "if you get in once, next time maybe be cool and let someone else have a turn". It'd give us peeps with bad internet a fighting chance, at least.


This is a good idea! I didn't think of that but will do it next time! Thanks :)

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I'm sorry some folks have been stalking you and shitting up your ask.fm But... Don't you think it's unhealthy to devote 90%+ of your twitter presence to baiting these harassers even further? I know it's not my place but wouldn't you be happier if you focused on something less toxic?

Liono Trane

90% of a DAY, more like. Don't act like my twitter is always like this, I sure don't. Out of 365 days in a year, let's say a week of my year is like this (which is about right.) That's not a crazy amount of my time, and I want people to know harassment is real and happens for the piss-poorest reasons.

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yo i'm a totally not mad watcher and i'm just here to say i'm totally not mad while i bitch at you for hours while asking anonymously to prove a point that even i can't specify by the way, I'm Rational™® ©2016

Sycophant! How dare you make a funny at a time like this! You're just making that guy angrie---- ohhhhhhh nice. Niiiice.

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No, I'm not whoever you're talking about. But considering what sparked this entire thing, it's like you legitimately believe GG 2 is gonna happen centered around you if you fuck up and do what exactly? Write Thunderf00t's name right? Write Sargon's name right? And I'm the coward here?

"Why are you scared of the leftover pieces of this harassment mob that has ruined peoples lives for imagined crimes? Why don't you poke it more and not take any defensive measures? Also why do you even talk about them ever, you're pretty much obsessed." says a dude hiding behind anonymity to chastise an unimportant/irrelevant burgergirl for like 19 hours.

You sent your first ask at like 3am last night. Are you losing sleep over me?

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Dunno. I'd say "do more than just LPing/streaming" but the last 5 years have shown that you're incapable of that. You were funnier and less insecure and defensive. Now you're a no-fun-allowed bitter old person (or at least you act like one). You're also sensitive and paranoid.

Lol, you liked when I was a borderline alcoholic who only streamed while sippin straight vodka! Good to know that you liked me most when I was actually at my MOST insecure and defensive, constantly trying to prove myself to others that I was a Cool Gamer Girl, not the ANNOYING kind! I was actually really paranoid, and took everything very very personally. That was back when I cried a lot when people were mean to me online because I was putting so much effort into proving myself as a worthy LPer and not "one of THOSE girls".

Yeah, you're not my target audience. I grew up, you should too or seek other content creators buddy. I'm not going back to that stuff, so you might as well leave.

Also lol at your whole timeline there implying that I did more than stream/LP 5 years ago. I did nothing but those things back then. Meanwhile, in the past 5 years, I've made stuff like....
- A commercial parody (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trFF5XefYNU)
- A giant motion-graphics aided podcast/gaming analysis project with Bob (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEkPhOpMpYs)
- Did freelance video editing and illustration work
- Made an LP episode that actually had a Silent Hill dev co-commentate with me (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcFxm1zmZ2I)
- Am running a successful Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/Voidburger)
- Where I make and ship loads of cute buttons to people (https://www.instagram.com/voidburger)
- And I helped host and make prizes for (http://imgur.com/a/nPoID) an INSANELY successful charity stream (http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=214807).

The hospital we raised money for is gonna dedicate a plaque to us, yo. A PLAQUE. The only plaque you got is on your teeth. I'm doing more shit with my awesome life in the past 5 years than you will in the entirety of yours.

I'm happy and healthy and that just eats you up inside. I hope you let that go sometime and do something more satisfying than yelling at a burger online for having the nerve to be herself, have certain standards, and have fun. I don't have to bend to any weird (and objectively wrong) standards or demands of yours.

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Stop projecting things on to me. First it was your insecurity about your own unpopularity, second the inability to admit one is wrong, and now you want to act like I "hate" you. I will take your advice seriously when you stop getting into random internet fights as often as you do, Void.

I'm only projecting because (a) it really bothers you, hello. and (b) I have no idea what you're on about so all I can do is guess because you completely lack any ability to communicate your ideas or why I should care about them.

You're the guy from months ago, right? The one I tried to block loads of times and kept circumventing it? You type just like him and brought up the streaming stuff outta nowhere, so I'm guessing yes. You're the dude that keeps picking fights with me, then saying I'm the one actually doing that, yeah? Again, I have to guess because you're an anonymous coward with nothing going for him in life and you have indicated absolutely nothing to suggest otherwise, so I'm only working with what I've got.

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Right, the "I'm totally not mad, in fact I'm glad!!! I'm owning you!!!" bit. I am not defending him either, I explained why what you said is stupid. The last part of your latest reply to me might as well be directed at you vs. the people you're "afraid" of, like him and his fans, or anyone like him.

Sorry I was away having a Skype conversation with my parents about the sweet-ass Disney World trip we're taking in a few months :) I see you were up to similarly productive and happy things with your life, like... dwelling on this topic that is seemingly impossible for you to communicate the importance of. I mean, the way you keep talking about it, it SEEMS really important, but I just can't see how it actually IS in any way.

Again: What is it you want from me, out of curiosity? Don't know what will make you leave this thing feeling satisfied, and doubt there is such a thing. What is the pie-in-the-sky, best case scenario conclusion for you here?

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You spend most of your day on Twitter and ask.fm. You tell me off for getting mad at strangers but you doing that is the entire reason this happened. Every time someone says something remotely negative about you either you or your fans get defensive. And I'm the one that can't admit to being wrong?

I was just away cooking delicious steak and rice and watching a silly horror movie with my super cute and funny boyfriend while you were writing three more DEFINITELY not-mad things at me on the internet that I could effortlessly debunk and mock in two minutes. I'm not even stressed here, this is like an energizing cup of coffee to me. You're so hilariously obsessed with hatred that you can't imagine why people would be nice to others without an ulterior motive. You're gonna die one day, and you're doing THIS instead of cooking delicious steak and watching bad horror movies? C'mon man. Fix your priorities. Spend more time liking stuff and less time hating stuff. I really should have no affect on your life, and you're giving me all this power here for no reason. Let it go, be happy for a change.

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I'm not alt-right by the way, nice try though. Let's see though, you say your streams don't have anything to do with it but you lit. dedicate a significant portion of the stream to the chat. When you stream. Which is not often. How about the constant technical problems? LPer for 5 years.

I didn't "try" anything, that was someone else's accusation, to which I responded "I wouldn't be suprised."

I didn't say my streams didn't have anything to do with ME, I said that streaming had nothing to do with the topic on hand (Whatever it's supposed to be. Something about Thunderbutt? You can't keep it straight cuz you're sooo mad, you just gotta hop around to ten other topics to try to get me riled when all I am is entertained and mildly bemused.)

You're that same guy that was harassing me from months ago and have been dodging blocks over and over and over again, haven't you? That's a life well spent, obsessing over me in a very consuming, negative manner. It's being NICE to me randomly that's obviously really sick, not the thing you're doing. lmao

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Have you ever considered Googling the name of a site if it looks shady to you? Anyway, just because I like someone's content doesn't mean I have to interact with them the way your fans do you. There's a difference between being nice and liking someone and their work and defending them vehemently

I didn't feel like it, lol. I don't owe you shit, yo. There's loads of fans of mine that don't interact with me at all. And hey, like you're defending Thunderfont for no reason at all? You're above that, I guess~

And no one's been, like, defending me from you because I clearly have it handled. They're just laughing with me here.

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wow....... i can't believe i'm getting a billion dollars for liking lots of stuff and your posts!! :O


*confetti falls from the ceiling!!!*

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For some reason it seems like the alt-right types love to use alternative image and link hosts that no one else has ever heard of. I assume it's because they think feminisms are spying on imgur or something

I wouldn't be super surprised if he's alt-right, but it's certainly a common theme with my own personal haters that they use those wacky ass links

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This is that same guy, isn't it? Maybe. Oh geez.

Yeah I'm wondering if it's that same guy from months and months and months ago that was obsessed with my streaming schedule and real mad about me not doing enough to like, deserve(???) my fans or whatever. If so, it's interesting to see him continuing to waste his life on someone he himself has called (many times) "irrelevant."

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I didn't know being a fan meant being a desperate kiss-ass, s/o to the dude that just proved me right on Twitter too. Of course these are the kinds of people you enable, because it benefits you directly. You pay lip service to them but then you fuck up streams every other week in one way or another

You have a very sensitive definition of "desperate" that somehow doesn't apply to a person who might spend half a day anonymously haranguing someone because they can't STAND that she fans and opinions simultaneously.

I didn't know being a "desperate kiss-ass" meant silently liking ask.fm answers, favoriting and retweeting tweets, and sometimes sending a silly joke or making fanart for a person. Wow, that really is some deplorable stuff, isn't it? Everyone should really knock it off before something bad happens as a result. I can't imagine what that would be, but it must be really quite awful if this anon so dang upset and offended about the idea of it, that he is compelled to harangue an internet stranger for half a day over it. Something wicked this way comes, and it's all because people are "nice" to someone on the internet. Jesus, it must be stopped. The niceness. This cannot go on.

This has nothing to do with my streams and you know it, chuckles. You're just desperately clinging to ANY thread to critique me by, while having nothing of merit to say. You continue your flailing, ridiculous, hilarious, desperate tirade because you don't wanna acknowledge or think that you might be wrong. You have no point, nor do you have any skills with which to argue whatever point you're trying to make here. You're not even good at the pet names thing I ran with here, so you don't even have improvisational skills! What do you bring to the table?

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How about you start by telling the people who suck up to you to stop thinking you're their friend? This is one example: http://prnt.sc/cj76et both of these people have been liking lit. every single one of these. Doing some digging, you even reprimanded one of them before http://prnt.sc/cj7j24

Everybody!! Stop being friendly to me immediately!! It is bad for some reason!! Oh no!

Also what is with you anons and using shady-looking links whose format I've never seen before? What's wrong with a friggin imgur link or something familiar? I ain't clickin shady links in ask.fm, sheesh. I'll take your word for it because yeah, there's a couple people on ask.fm that like every answer of mine (because they use ask.fm and you have to log in to like things and most people don't have an account). Is that, like... bad? Is that a crime? Do you think I'm gonna be like "OH WOW, BOOKY. Because of your steadfast liking of my answers, here's ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS" or something? Is liking something on ask.fm really such an intimate social event for you? Also, was me reprimanding one of them for being clingy or something like... good or... is that bad too?

Has it occurred to you at all that I actually have and DO tell people not to think of me as their best friend when they start getting clingy on me, but I usually try to do it in private, one-on-one, because (in sheer defiance of your strawman version of me) I don't like to draw attention to stuff like that? I don't want to mortify someone in public who probably doesn't deserve it, who may just be sad and confused? Being mislead and clingy isn't as much of a crime as being like YOU, who I don't mind publicly humiliating at all.

And, actually, I *have* generically tweeted before about how I'm not your friend, don't come to me if you're suicidal, I can't help you, I don't know you, that's too much responsibility to thrust upon a stranger, etc. I haven't done it in awhile because it hasn't been a problem in a while! People have been respecting those boundaries lately, and I now notice sooner when it's going to become a problem, due to my past experiences.

How SHOULD a fan act, in your mind? Do you chastise your favorite content creators all the time? Make their online lives dull or antagonistic by being unfriendly, standoffish, aloof, or just silent? My fans are nice and that's nice, I don't see why that's bad for literally anyone except.............................................................................*gasp* you. You really don't like that people are nice to me for some reason and you wish that would stop. Why is that, bugglebooty? Why does that offend you so much?

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tch... you should be glad i'm even taking time out of my precious day to educate you, femsjaydoubleyou! you're doing all the fallacies--not like Me, A Dashing, Rational Alpha Male. hpmh. sneer. *trilby casts shadow over eyes* you really are...pathetic. (inb4 someone w/o humor whines about strawmen)

UMM i'll have you know that joking about something that is stupid is actually a VERY SYCOPHANTIC THING TO DO and is NOT NORMAL SOMEHOW and that is will REALLY BOTHER this particular anon, so please, pretend you dislike me. That's how fans are supposed to act, right?

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Also, do you really need me to explain to you that they don't notice because you don't stand out to them at all again? If they DID notice, they probably don't care because ~~you don't stand out~~. Other people call them out directly and they don't get the shitstorm you think you're going to get.

No, because what I *do* I need to you explain is why the hell you're talking to me, what you think you're going to accomplish, and what in the world you would actually even want me to do in response to this ridiculous ask.fm tirade you're on, lol.

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I wasn't even trying to get under yr skin but it seems like I did anyway, with how defensive you're getting. I mentioned them not as a burn to your popularity, but to s/o the group of brown-nosers you have. You'll ignore this part though because you'll never call out your shitty fans, kit kat.

KIT KAT! lmao you're really bad at this, aren't you, sugarbuns?

Really enjoying the "NO U" and "i'm not owned" attitude you're taking on here instead of *arguing a point.* But it seems like even you don't know the point, doughnut.

And nah, my fans are great. Quality over quantity is something I'm into :) They are such generally kind-hearted, funny, generous people, and I'm really blessed to entertain such folks! And I like to think that I keep my small fanbase that level of quality by laying down the law sometimes, and saying certain behaviors and attitudes are NOT okay (like thinking Thunderthighs is an A.O.K. gentleman with harmless opinions and fans). I'd rather have a small gang of nicepeeps than a large gang that has a lot more festering pissboys like you.

Sorry, I meant grumpybumpkins. No grumpybumpkins, please.

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Again, pudding pop, considering how much you mention them (even if it isn't directly) they and their fanbase would have heard of you already, and if they are as rabid as you make them out to be, they'd have done something by now, but they haven't, and some of them even subscribe to you, apparently.

Hey, I already used puddin pop, bon bon! You can't use the same one twice so quickly!

Also I literally have no idea what you're getting at here, lol. I'm trying to CUT DOWN on the crossover in order to PREVENT them from noticing me, not trying to like... make them mad and notice me??? Cuz that would be bad and I wouldn't enjoy it. I would only enjoy it if I could trick them all into swapping out the usual "bitch"/"cunt"/"slut" for all these hilariously cloying pet names. Angelfoodcake, what are you on about?

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Well, sweetkins, I'm using the exact same site you are. Listen, you silly goose, let me explain it to you in very simple terms: I brought it up because they are not gonna care about some small-time LPer saying they don't like them. You don't stand out. Hence why you haven't gotten their attention.

"YOU SILLY GOOSE!" Lmao, I'm so glad I tricked you into sounding even stupider. This is an all-time high in regards to dunking on randos for me, tricking some guy into talking like a toddler. This rules.

I don't want their attention, so this isn't a problem for me! Why is it a problem for you, shortcake? Are you, like, doing them a favor by ~caring~ about me, so they don't have to? Or something?

Also, again, attacking my popularity isn't like... gonna work, dude? Whoops sorry, I didn't mean "dude," I meant snuffleupagus.

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I don't get your haters. They come to YOU with their garbage and then bag on you for not being relevant, like... wouldn't that make them double irrelevant for harassing the supposedly irrelevant person? And how even do they define relevance? First it's "popularity," but then subs/likes don't matter?

You have to kinda turn off your brain to understand people like that. Doublethink is okay when THEY do it, but if their enemies have anything resembling *nuance* in their opinions, or eschewing certain subsets of fans, it's DOUBLETHINK ECHOCHAMBER MADNESS.

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These ~hilarious~ nicknames, I hope this pleases the 4 people that reply to every tweet of this askfm exchange. I'm all for doing the totally-not-childish nickname thing too, cutesy pie. Let's not get off-topic though, honey buns, can you tell me where I accused you of needing to be popular?

It was here, lol. Can you seriously not keep track of your own irrelevant accusations, pookiehead? : http://ask.fm/VoidBurger/answers/138244866789

Bringing up my relevancy was an obvious ploy to get under my skin by implying that I'm not popular, which more than implies that YOU, Precious Boy, think it is something I care a lot about, since it was one of the very first non-arguments you resorted to when you couldn't argue your actual case in any logical way. Also, by declaring here, in this very question, that only 4 people reply to these things is *furthermore* illustrating that YOU care what I think about my popularity (or lack thereof), and you think it's a valid burn on me. Because you think I desire/need to be popular, see?

Also, muffinstuff, the very nature of your question in this is off-topic, by the way. Because it has nothing to do with the original topic of whatever the fuck you were trying to get at with how I should be okay that people follow LightningToe and should not think it's a gigantic conflict that I should discriminate fans based on.

Man, best you got with pet names is cutesy pie and honey buns? Gotta up your petnamegame, ladies man. Also, I'm really sad ask.fm randomly deleted that one where you said "actions speaketh louder than words" and started the whole condescending pet-name thing. It was my most cherished memory of us together so far :'(

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hasn't the t-dude harassed you or someone you know in the past? Maybe one of his followers or something?

Not personally that I recall, but I've seen what he does and how he dogpiles people and ACTIONS SPEAKETH LOUDER THAN WORDSETH. But he's a favorite of Gamergaterererers because he hates feminists. And I'm a feminist. So this is real simple stuff, here! To not wish to see any fan-crossover between the two is not the craziest idea, and I'm the one taking the hit here, not Dunderhoot, so I don't see what the hubbub's about. It's almost like women having opinions is reason enough to harangue them, hmmmmmmm it's almost like LightningToe encourages that outlook among his fans hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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You tell me I don't have any real arguments but then you go on tangents that have nothing to do with what I said. Sure showed me that you aren't insecure about your sub base huh Void, reinforcing that ~you don't care~ and all. And then saying "subs matter" and "numbers give validity" right below lol

Nah, if you had any reading comprehension, you'll see that I actually answered every one of your questions while *simultaneously* making fun of you, but I can see you're not much of a multi-tasker huh, heart throb? You put on the blinders every time I addressed you because you were too distracted by all the make-funs right next to those, jellybean.

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