what do you look for in a girl (or guy? if you roll that way)

I do not roll that way!
I'm not too picky though. If the girls I have been with were to take a picture together, it could be a stock image that a company might use to show diversity. Basically I look for someone nice who likes me.
Although I am also too emotionally immature to have a lasting relationship. So I guess we can add that I look for someone who's ok with that.

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is alaska cold

usually yeah, but it's been gross and mushy this year
2014 was the first year in recorded history where the temperature didn't go below 0 in my city

void you are a cool person i bet you like orange colored drinks that come from fruits that are named after their color

I sure do! I'm the coolest

Would you go on a road trip with the last person you spoke with?

I would go on a road trip with pretty much anyone if I don't think they're going to murder me or something.

What's one thing you've done in your life that you regret

maintained awful hair throughout middle and early high school

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