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speed round name 5 games that arent super metroid

metroid prime, dota, super metroid, cave st- FUCK

you fill the void in my heart, daddy

you're supposed to be in bed at this hour, son
I realize I ended the last answer in son too but here it makes sense so

Void, can you tell who I am?

no, but I like your gumption, son
(I would guess superkid if I had to)

super metroid isn't even that good?

kyuubit I'm glad you asked this anonymously otherwise I'd know it was you

What exactly makes Dota fun? Why is it a game I should be playing?

Dota is one of the deepest and most interesting games I've ever played. It's hard to describe in detail why its design is so great (and so much better than similar games) without going way too far in-depth into stuff that probably won't make sense unless you play it anyway. But the game is fantastic and everyone should try it out. I've been playing it on and off for 8-9 years or something at this point for a reason. The reason is I'm a nerd, but also that Dota is good.
It does have a pretty steep learning curve, though. I would recommend trying it out with friends - that's still how I play it most of the time.

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