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I would’ve given you everything and I did and you don’t CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to do this anymore. All you want to do is break my heart. That’s all you did and that’s all you want to do.

You didn't give shit

Don’t expect me to be an intimate friend when you constantly feed me lies. That’s not me turning my back, cause I’m ready to lend a hand whenever you need. But I won’t be close. I won’t give you access to my heart or soul. It’s for my protection ✌️

Fuck you
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Why does jealousy make some people so mean and nasty? Especially towards people you don’t personally know

I'd like to ask you the same shit

Is it reasonable to want to get into a fist fight bcuz someone was talking about my personal life?

At first no, give them a little to fuckin talk about because they obviously need to talk about something or someone. But after a week or two bitch hang it up.
Same shii everyday. Y'all waiting for a nigga to come and me fuck in front of Don? Does he want to see that? That's a phone call away too

I just won’t be able to love you until you tell me everything you did. So when you do, let me know. Until then I’m playing the field.

Play the field bitch cuhs you'll never make it in the court hoe

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Y u delete it before I could read it

Cuhs your a nothing a mf. That's why. Ion give a fuck bout your reading or wanting to.
Get a mf hobby and keep yo nose out of my shii .. see what I didn there. Yeah you're smart. I know you did. Get on.

Well that was fun until I remembered all the fucked up shit you did to me. Have a nice life

Dumb as bitch fuck you nigga. And everything you claim you're about. You ain't shii . Never will be. And the mfs around you will never be either. Idgaf if you know how to write or talk bitch y'all ain't shii.
Go fuck ol girl she sounds worked up. And tell old heads if they got something to tell me to tell me and not just "hi".
Fuck yaa too.

I wish toxic people would just leave One day the trash will take it self out

The trash took itself out. But the wind blew the mf back in.
Oh no not into my house but into the neighbor's and now it's bothering tf out of me.

If you had the chance, what would you do over again

I wouldn't have fucked the last nigga I did at the hotel I worked in. I would be problem free and no eyes on me. I would have gave ol girl a head start.


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