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I told her that but she said i don't wanna see anymore i really miss her I can't blame 5sos cause they didn't do anything i just want her to know that I still love her even she hates me now and thank you for your advice and sorry for bothering

I'm sorry about that. Tell her you still love her but maybe you should give her some space too, let her think for some time. You're welcome and no, you don't bother me. Take care.

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It's so unfair why do she needs to broke up with me,you girls really don't know what we (boys) feel when you girls broke up with us we have a heart too and plus I supported her in everything I went to a 5sos concert just to make her happy cuz I like seeing her happy

Why don't you just talk to her about that? " girls really don't know what we (boys) feel when girls broke up with us.." well, not all but some do know, you're lucky to find one. And if a bf supports her gf with whatever she wants and likes, she should be thankful. Really hope you two would be okay again bruh

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Hello again I'm the guys who's girlfriend broke up with me cause of MICHAEL Clifford and no that's not a question all I'm just saying is wat did I do why did she broke up with me is Michael Clifford really hotter than me am I over reacting???

Well maybe because you didn't support her, she loves Michael, he's her idol, I can't say that Michael is really hotter than you, but maybe for your gf, yes. Try to love what she loves.

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