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They certify themselves as zombies in their uncertainty of themselves. Passion can always be stirred and rekindled if needs be. We must never give up on ourselves or others, giving up is an act of severance in a world longing to feel connected. We must also always realise that even though so many of us go through this ‘existential crisis’ if you will, it is an individual thing. Therefore you have to reach inside people by mirroring on the outside that which they see in themselves all the time and rarely in others. They have to believe, we have to believe that we are not alone. Feeling lonely is a sign of a poor connection to the world through others that makes us feel alone. We are not alone. We are never alone. Not when we can always find a way to re-establish that connection and feel able to love ourselves and others again. Never give up on yourself, never back down from the challenge in front of you, and never surrender to your lesser self. (Says Me)

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