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Why is the walking dead so AMAZING? I just started watching, and jm so addicted, im on season 3...why is it sooo good?

Right?! It's impossible to explain!

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Is Carl going to date that girl he got in the hollowed out tree with? Sry I forgot her name ! And I think she is with the group they are going to meet with ( the worst group yet) and she is spying on them and going back and telling the group what they say and do!!!!

I doubt it. And good point, I can see that!

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I really got crazy about watching twd coz i finished all season in 8 days and now im feeling empty without it and i really want to know whats going to happen in season 6. Is it normal for me to feel like it?

Haha, yes! Been there, done that. Hang in there, next season is coming soon!

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who's the hottest guy from the show

Andrew :P

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what do you think about the relationship between Rick and Morgan?

I love their dynamic.

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Do you ship Daryl and Carol or Maggie and Glenn?

I'm not sure, I like Daryl and Carol together, but their relationship doesn't matter much to me! And of course, Maggie and Glenn are together anyway haha.

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Is chandler going to die ? Cause if he does I am my friends tease me about it in school lol

You mean Carl? I suppose we'll see!

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Do you think they'll ever be an apocalypse similar to this?

Given the current state of the world, I'd personally say it's possible.

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Some things you like from TWD?

Um, all the things! :D

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Rate in a scale from 1 to 10 some TWD male characters!

Could you elaborate further on what you mean?

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What's your weapon in a zombie apocalypse?

I'm a fan of swords, myself!

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Do you remember this fresh blonde corpse in the first episode in the hospital hallway? She's the lady that was looking after for rick.

Hmm, good theory!

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I saw all seasons from twd in a week. now i feel kind of empty without it... is it wrong that i have this huge obsession with a tv show?

Welcome to the family! ;D I don't think it's wrong, just make sure you take breaks while binge-watching, LOL! :D

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Thoughts on the season finale?

Loooved it :D

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Is Carol bad ?

Absolutely not, in my opinion!

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Who's one person in the walking dead that u wished never died?? :)


I wish Andrea had never died!

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What has been your favorite moment out of all the seasons?

That's way too difficult, so many good moments!

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You think Glenn gonna die??

Ohhh I hope not :(

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Do you think Carl will get a gf

Possibly? :P

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Do u think Rick and his people will break the new community

Probably :O

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Is Rick alive? I had a basketball tournament so I didn't get to watch the last 2 episodes...but I think someone said that Rick is dead..?!

Taylor Hankins

Haha, yes, Rick is alive and well!

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How do you think, was it wise to trust Aaron?

I think so!

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what impresses you the most about TWD?

The sheer talent of the cast and crew! Never ceases to amaze us :)

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rick could have survived because on a webisode a lady was there helping people still alive so she could have been looking after him and the room had changed around since it started/shane gave him the flowers but the bed being against it could be from the lady moving it back every time

Hmm, good catch!

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ok so i watch the walking dead on netflix so i have only seen up to season 4. what has happend since then

Ohhhh man, lots. I'd advise you to Google it, I'll be here forever if I try to explain ;D

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