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Do you like to argue or do you hate it?

I stay away from it as much as possible, it doesn’t go well with me. I don’t go into it until I have to. When nothing else works.

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Would you prefer living with a roommate you didn't know beforehand or living alone (if finances weren't a concern)

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Living alone. I don’t want to go through stress of what the person is and how they are in the shared apartment/house. I like to keep my place clean and not feel like I’m just cleaning everything after them when they do nothing for me. So I stick with living alone. I’m in my peaceful and clean full apartment despite the fact that I live with a dog and a cat. I take care of them as well to keep them clean as well, to keep the apartment clean.

Is happiness a choice?

Yes. You have this choice every morning when you get out of bed wether you want to choose go on having a bad day or you can choose to make the best out of that day and keep it a good day even when things don’t go your way. It’s always on you, meaning no one is responsible for your anger or disappointment same goes with happiness.

How many friends do you have? People you can call when faced with hardship.

I have three good friends.

why are you on here?

Because it’s anonymous and I can answer questions to my own knowledge without getting judged.

How do you get rid of a headache ???????

Depends on the kind of a headache. The overall kind of a way that I use to get rid of a headache is I eat a popsicle. It always helps with me. But to dig deep I usually have three kinds of headaches, one from not drinking enough water, which means drinking water would solve the problem. Second kind is after waking up from a short sleep which only be solved by either going back to sleep if the event is canceled or no more and have no reason to be still awake, or drink enough fluids to help ease the headache and wait an hour for the headache to ease away once the brain has fully woken up. And finally, period headache is obviously the worst as basically nothing works for it and it worsens when you try to move around with it, you got no choice but take a Tylenol to ease the pain as nothing natural will work unless you want to take a whole day off and just lay in bed until the next day and then you are good to go.

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Are you covid vaccinated?

No, I have plenty of family members in the medical field which are working in clinics or hospitals and when COVID Vaccines became a thing I was told many stories as to what happens to certain people who took the vaccine and was surprised that none of these stories never came out to the public. Instead, the nurses and doctors had to keep their mouths shut and treat the collapsed patients or in critical condition patients with little exposure from others like less doctors and nurses so word doesn’t really get by. And one of my close friend who is a nurse, wanted to get a hand on the paperwork of the vaccines and it literally says death as the first symptom of the vaccine before the rest of the symptoms come next, like yeah, I feel reassured that these vaccines will definitely protect me….

Are you who people think you are?

Not exactly, because I’m surrounded by people who don’t like me and would rather trash talk about me rather than sit down and actually be a human to others by realizing they are human beings as well and there is no difference in each other. But people have to choose their religion or mindsets as to how they are going to treat others believing that would be how Jesus would want them to be like. And is why I stepped out of the religion as I saw it a bunch of baloney as I’m not going to look down at someone just cause he or she is not a proper person. I’d rather sit down to their level and talk to them and be a human. Cause Jesus was human when he was on earth and was a human to others and treated low or high people as humans and I live by that. I have this saying that I go by, “When I look at people, they are human to me first, and the rest is next.”

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If you were an actor and married and you were offered a role that centered around the life of a fictional couple, would you take it?

No not really, because I don’t care how fictional the story line/background story is, I don’t want to play a part of a couple character, that their relations to each other or to others would be way far from reality of how anybody would be as a couple if by any chance they were in such a fictional story. It’s as a way of showing the world how a couple works.

Is it weird to be early to mid twenties and still living with your parents?

If you’re a foreign then no. If you’re an American and sees and minds about the fact that most Americans kids are out and about because their parents couldn’t raise their children for the life, then yes it would be weird for you. But, it’s your choice.

How many times have you cheated on your parter?

Never and I plan on keeping it like that as my man is too amazing for me to even think about looking at another man.

Do you have multiple people interested in you right now?

I did at a few moments in my life, but at this moment no.


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