Ask @Wardahqurashi:

Do you ever just look at yourself and wonder how the fuck anyone could love you.

All of us see ourselves and ask how anyone can love us....
But dear the one who truly loves u will not see ur face or physical appearance but will see ur sole...
Sachay Pyar may surat nahee serat dakhi jati haaa...✌🏻😊

What does a successful relationship look like to you?👀

To be cooperative, understanding, compromising, supportive, trust, loyalty, honestly, respect, maturity, time spending, making happy, making comfortable
and forgiving eachother on their mistake but the relationship doesn't mean to fall in love with someone it can be ha friendship...

May life bring you all sorts of joy, peace and satisfaction that it could offer. Wishing you immense goodness of health and heart on this Eid, Allah sees all your sacrifices wishing you blessings and rewards of hundrad folds for your Family. #EidMubarak. 😊😇❤🎉🎆🎊🎁 Regards Dr Danish

Dr Dani
Ameen Khair Mubarak and same to you too...