Ask @Wasif5561:

Shab e Barat Mubarak... Agar mujhe say koii bhii ghaltii ( by mistake ya jan bhuj kar) ho gaee ho jis say aap ka dil dukha ho to please mujhay maaf kar dijye ga.... Agar main janay anjanay main aap ka dill dukhaya ho to please mujhay maaf kar dijye ga kya pata aglay saal zindagii ho ya na ho....

Khair Mubarak 😇
Nhi yaar esi koi bhi baat nhi hay 🙂

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What do you think you're a hero? A man with perfections? Everyone has to do some sacrifices and compromises for your loved ones. You just wanted everything go perfectly. You have think about others side too. Lekin you're still a very immature human being.

I am not a man with perfections, but at least I know what is good for me and what is not. As for sacrifices, I make them everyday for my LOVED ONES. I also don't expect things to go perfectly, but I do give up on worthless ones. Moreover, thanks for writing such a useless paragraph.
P.S. Untick if you think you are mature enough and have the guts to do so.

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