Ask @Wasimiii:

If you’re granted with one wish to be full filled in a life time, what would you ask for?

I don't know about material wishes because I'm not a unique individual that wouldn't ask for the usual shabbang of money power etc. But I did hear the most perfect dua one time from someone. The dua said, " Ya Allah ,Uppar mujh say Razi Reh, Neechay muje Khush rakh".
All the desires of the world and beyond concentrated in a sentence.

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If you could live forever, would you want to?

So to live forever on this earth. Losing your first batch of family and friends in front of you. Living every other culture shock every 20 years. To live through hundreds of years of war and peace. I do assure you by my third or fourth lifetime when I am actually the king of the world I probably would have ordered all the scientists in the world for something that would help me move on.

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