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What is the least stressful job you can think of?

Professional cuddlier.

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Is Ian River Chavez gay?

Lol no

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I'm sorry. When do you think you can play again?

I don't know yet. I have my MRI on Thursday, we'll find out then. It's all good though, shit happens.

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How's your leg bro?

The swelling is gone, still sore as hell and it hurts to bend it a certain way or walk on it to much.

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Would legalizing marijuana be a good thing or bad thing?


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What happened to your leg

Got hurt at football practice, could've torn something

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Did you take hers?


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Dont be sad bc I love you and ill make you more cookies soon !:D


You're the illest Jessica

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Did Jessica take your virginity?

When you guys break up hmu


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Y u sad?

Being crippled sucks:(

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Different person. You really could do better

You fall in love with a person because of their personality and soul, not their looks, yes I find her insanely beautiful. I've fallen in love with her, so you can just fuck right off.

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Pssst you're my favorite ever and your so handsome and I love you lots <3

I love you too babe

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Why are you with Jessica? You could do so much better.

Fuck off.

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You don't have bo bby

Thanks love

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Skinny is beautiful though js

Lol I'm not skinny though

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Do you think animals have souls?

Not bengal tigers

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Uhm you don't even have BO and girls are already all over you..? That person doesn't know what they're talking about obviously

I know huh? Nigga just jelly

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you have BO, and you are skinny? bulk up and wear deoderant and ladys will want those red pubes

Sounds good

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People wouldnt think you were so nerdy if you werent so skinny and smelly.

Is that so? Please explain

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Are you a virgin?


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I didnt? Remember I gave you a cheeto and you stole my bag?):

Can I have another hint?>.<

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What was something that stood out to you this month of last year?

The hell kinda question... Uhhhh no idea, football?

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I think your so hot!!!(:


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