Ask @WhereAreTheKNIVES:

Yours is a merciless, yet interesting form of dance... As such, it yields much potential for a fine story. If you would be so kind, might I ask that you perform your dance for me?

* I'm afraid that what you ask me I can't do, I don't dance.
* I ACT with a big knife, no jokes.

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+1 answer in: “*Very tall bug Dracula appears in a puff of scarlet smoke, turning his head to look at you with his scarlet bug eyes* Well met friend, well met. I have heard that you enjoy engaging others in a lethal dance, yes?”

*tries some*Its so good!!!!((if you ever bring him back I'll have plenty of characters for him to rp with. Plus it'd be neat to continue the anti alisa unwillingly joining his team.Its up to you though I like your UT rps too :3))

* I know!
* It's my favorite food~
//Oooohhyess I Will!! I miss that rp tho, and of course I like to make others with you ;;u;;

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+7 answers in: “*mii has flowers*For you!”