Ask @WhisperMe483:

How do you treat/deal with the following types of unsolicited visitors to your home? 1. Trick-or-Treaters? 2. Salespeople? 3. Religious evangelists? 4. Christmas Carol Singers? 5. A stranger needing to use your ‘phone?

1. I never open my door unless I know who's there, so they get ignored.
2. What do you mean with salesperson? Someone who calls? Someone coming to your door? Someone at the store to go to? Well. I don't answer numbers I don't know, I still don't open the door and I would never treat someone working at a store with anything but respect unless they're rude to me first. I know they do their best and it's not always easy to deal with customers. If I meet random sales people on the street I tell them I'm not interested.
3. I politely tell them I'm not a believer, and I never will be.
4. Not a thing in Sweden.
5. Depends what vibe I get from the person, if there are others around and what kind of situation we're in. There are too many aspects to consider to give a straight answer.

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Hey! Sorry not been very active lately, working a lot!😴 I'll be back on as much as possible so feel free to send me any questions! What is one quote that you live by or that means a lot to you & why?❤️

Emma Coote
That's perfectly fine! I'm kind of inactive at the moment as well. Work is taking too much of my time *sigh*
"Remember, darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good.'"
It means a lot to me because to me I see it as you can't always judge everyone or everything from first impression, or out of what others say about said person/thing. Not everything's as it seems, and you need to be careful before judging.

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Imagine you're home alone on a cold wet night, it's 3am and your doorbell rings or there's a loud knocking on your front door. How would you react? Would you answer it in case someone needs help, ignore it and hope they go away, or something else?

I don't even open the door at daytime, so I sure as hell wouldn't open in the middle of the night. If someone wants to pay me a visit, they better call first or I'm gonna pretend I'm not home.

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