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Share something you're grateful for today.

I'm grateful for having my family around me and having great great friends that mean the world to me. I'm generally grateful for everything. I know that sometimes things can be tough but that's how life is supposed to be. I love my friends from the bottom of my heart and I would never go back in time and change a thing. I don't know if anyone of them would consider me as close, but I won't mind it because they still mean the world to me. <3 @AIIieG @Adrienne_Mxdern @jennaitalz @cooltonium @lionjonathann @luxuriouschic @MackAttxckk @alexisrose721 @Axstina69 @kxtellama @Zarqhos @LordWeave @enyatovar @joesthetic @ArcticBarbies @merthurdirt @koolallisun (and much more i just stopped bc iM TOO LAZY BYE)

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likees plzz :D

†rima shehadeh †
Alright I felt like writing something simple just for those who are feeling anxious about the new school year.
Honestly, high school will either be some of the best or worst years of your life. I personally am enjoying my experience so far. The encouragement that I would like to offer is that it is over before you know it. It literally feels like I've just started 9th grade a couple of weeks ago lol. Honestly, it is obvious that afterwards you will rarely see anyone you went to school with unless you choose to. Also, starting to feel like an adult is the great equalizer. Life happens and life doesn't care if you were prom queen or the quiet kid. Good or bad, it happens to us all. My mom always tells me not to make temporary decisions when you are still young that would have permanent effects on you as an adult. In the snapshot of your life, those 4 years are VERY short. Do your best for YOU. DO NOT waste your time on things that will not affect you positively, you have 2-3 days of the week to rest your mind in it. If you are giving a subject your ALL and the best grade you can truly earn is barely passing, be proud of yourself, you did your best. On the other hand, if you are barely passing and are and A student if you were only to apply yourself, get up and do it. Doing your personal best no matter what the subject is a life skill that will benefit you forever. Just remember that your "best" and someone else's "best" may be completely different. Each of us is given individual gifts and talents. Go easy on yourself and find what you are good at. My brain was never meant to earn an A in maths class hahah. A "C" in maths for me meant that I was doing my best, and I keep motivating myself and work on my maths skills to do better. I strongly support academics, your education is important, but your gifting or the area of your life in which you're created to excel may not have a thing to do with most of what you learn in school. If you can't find anyone else to be proud of your efforts, be proud of yourself for YOU. You deserve it. Good luck.

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