Ask @WhySoManyTaken:

What do men really want in a relationship?

Every guy is different and I can only speak for myself.
What I want, is emotional intimacy, respect, some praise here and there and acceptance. A physical connection, some romance, security, emotional maturity, communication, partnership, some fun, and some space when needed. A connection, someone who is patient, someone who isn't afraid to be different and doesn't want to fit in with the rest of the world. I like independent woman, one who is honest and caring. A woman who knows how to compliment me on my personality and not just my looks. It makes me feel better about myself when one does so. Don't be afraid to be the boss and have your way with me. I have no problem with being submissive towards you. Please.... PLEASE don't hide your feelings from me or brush it off. I know I act like a therapist, but it's because I want to help and I don't like seeing you upset. Please... PLEASE know I AM THERE FOR YOU! Someone who isn't going to point out all my wrongs and lets me fix them. I'm not perfect, but please know that I am trying my best.

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