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What should sheep count when they go to sleep?

When you've suffered with mental health for so long and am use those extreme highs and lows, it can feel extremely weird when you're finally stable enough to live your life and enjoy it. I don't remember the last time I was mentally stable and now that I am, it's been quite a journey. I have to retrain my brain of my own thoughts and emotions. Make myself realize that what I am feeling now is completely normal and not to become suddenly overwhelmed by not knowing if what I am feeling is normal or not. I am self-aware nowadays which is a good thing but I find myself filled with a lot of questions and trying to sort out my emotions and thoughts. To realize that a bad day is just a bad day nowadays and it's okay to not be okay for a day or two is still a struggle I have. Especially when I feel depressed. It scares me the most along side with my anxiety. Yesterday I had a day full of meetings, after my meetings, I had therapy. On my way to therapy I was anxious and shaking. It was my abusers birthday and a lot of others things were going on previously and I almost got hit by a semi. Once I arrived at the clinic, checked myself in and checked myself in again and got my clip board, I could barely even rate my emotions because my hands where shaking so much. It took me 15 mins of my session to finally chill out. Relaxing and using breathing techniques are one of my BIGGEST struggle.

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How many times have you fallen in love?

set boundaries!
yes you love this person & you’d be willing to do anything for them, but when loving them starts crossing that boundary line & interfering with your peace of mind, your happiness, your common sense, etc. right then & there you have to address it & or let them go!

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In your opinion, what would be the scariest way to be get kidnapped, murdered, tortured or/and molested?

What scares me about all of that, is that it can happen in your own home by the people you trust and know the most. The people you call your family and friends.
You're not safe anywhere or with anyone.

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