Ask @WillyT0180:

What is your description of a perfect girl?

Oh goodness. Well no one is perfect except Christ so I know that girl doesn't exist. Perfect for me? That girl does exist, but only Christ knows the perfect girl for me. I will tell you what I like in a girl and stuff, but what I like doesn't restrict me to I guess "like" only the type of girl I describe so yahh. Here we go.....Christian girl, really sweet, and a good personality. A girl I can trust with pretty much anything(I know trust is earned so it may take time to gain, and I don't have a problem with that) but yeah. A girl that can make me laugh and likes to have fun and be goofy, but knows when to be serious and take things serious. Uh, also a girl that will like me for me. Cuz imma pretty big nerd at heart I guess....I like Xbox and stuff like that and I like Star Wars and super heroes. That's stuff is pretty cool to me I guess. Oh and im not a major nerd btw haha. I do play sports and do stuff outside and I work. Most girls see a "gamer" as like a turnoff or somethin. Idk haha....but yeah that's basically it I guess. AND THIS IS IS IMPORTANT. A GIRL THAT CAN PUT UP WITH MY SINGING. I CAN'T SING AT ALLLLLL BUT I LIKE TO ANYWAY SO HAHA. Yeah......I'm sorry that's long haha......

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Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Uhh well ya see I believe in cross species genetic evolution so two bonding bioforms of an ancient generational species were bread together and then came the chicken through birth of the live young...but in the species makeup design the reproductive design came to fault and instead of birthing live birthed and egg. So I guess the chicken but the first full breed chicken came from an that's a tough question.....
Lol I'm totally kidding when God created the land animals he also created the chicken. So I'd say the chicken came first.

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Every guy knows what one looks like... Unless u r GAY

Haha ok. You can call me gay lol I don't care, because Psalm 37: 33 says "but the LORD is on their side, and He will defend them when they are on trial"
Romans 8:31 What shall they say to these things, if our God is for us who can stand against us?" based on Scripture God us on my side. So if your gonna come at me like that. Your going at God too.

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