Ask @Win_Beau:

Hey, love, don't worry, people are helping me with the list at the moment. It's going to be complete with the people on pages too! Really, I'll try to do my best. :') If you want it, we can even get the final list done together.<3

Aimee Peterson
||. Please don’t think I’m upset with you. I think it’s very kind what you’re doing. You seem like a kind person. I was just upset that I was overlooked. But that would mean a lot to me! You can always message my rp account!

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I'm just saying this because you really shouldn't feel bad. I was one of the people that actually saw your answer but it got lost through other things. I seriously believe people didn't see it, and they only stopped after Aimee's admin responded. Don't take it to heart!

Cassian Keir
||. I know. I’m just super tender hearted and things get to me easily. I really wanted to complete that list ‘cause I know people who are active on their pages but not on ask. :/

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I know there isn't an admin now but would anyone be kind enough to make a list of all the active characters? With all the new OC's, it's getting hard to keep track.

||. Am I chopped liver or something? I volunteered on Seph, and I was ignored by everyone but two or three people. I stayed up till 4 am getting a list started. This honestly hurts my feelings, like I’m at work close to crying. This shit makes me want to quit roleplay altogether.

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