Ask @WishieRz:

What's the biggest blunder you've ever made?😁

Shahmeer Ali Atif
It's a story from 6 years ago I was the new girl in school plus I wasn't too good at Spanish like I was learning it back then. We had music class as well so one day I was sitting with my friend on one side and a guy on the other side the teacher was absent so they sent a substitute teacher. She was just sitting, checking some exams I guess and she told us to stay quiet. The guy who was sitting next to me had a rubber band and some pieces of paper and he was folding them and shooting other classmates with the help of the rubber band he carried. He gave me one as well I took it and tried to shoot. I shot the window but it bounced and hit the teacher's face. She was quite strict and she told all of us to stand up and asked who threw it. I was going to say me but that guy held my hand and said no don't say it. After 2 minutes of asking the teacher got more furious and he said it was him. He took the blame and the teacher took him downstairs to the principle's office I was feeling so guilty I ran to the teacher crying and told her everything. She saw me crying and she melted she said don't worry nothing's gonna happen to him. She took me downstairs to him and I kept crying the whole hour. He was trying to console me and we became friends.

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