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A whole month of this class. S*** got me so stressed I want to cry. I'll just have to lift my eyebrow ousted of furrow them to avoid anymore wrinkles.

Genius I love you so much I could kiss you right now!

Am I in the wrong here and explain? I was partners with this girl for a project. I started giving her dirty looks bcuz I thought she was ugly. I then told some ppl that she was ugly behind her back. Then the ppl told her what i said. She asked me about it and I told her it was true that I said that

Who said this lol??? I have no clue what you mean!??

Do u think how someone looks should dictate how u treat them

Good way to get your foot in the door…let’s face it not waist it

Why did this person that I used to talk to say, “Stop obsessing over me.” When I’ve been nothing but nice to her with my only flaw being talking about a particular guy with her over and over again so I was obsessed with him and not her but she chose to break off the friendship bc of that reason.

Bitches be crazzzyyy

Do you wish that you could send and receive shoutouts from other countries?

I have a filter to keep out the undesirables

My bf doesn’t want to have *** with me anymore since I’ve gained weight.

Damn girl you bring that fine ass right over here look at you mmmmhmmm that look delicious.
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I deleted all of my social media accounts, and changed my number to start fresh. Was this mean of me

That really happen?

I want to cuddle

You have the 3 best thing in the world for that…well maybe that just my world…4 best thing forgot I like her butt tooo
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People can’t say you make them unhappy

Not really y’all all know I’m not suppose to be here…💅🏻 not a good boy, but I’m not that bad guy.

Why are so many guys insecure?

Stop that! asking a question you already know the answer to for self verification is a form of insecurity 💅🏻 and we don’t degrade ourselves with such pettiness.

Do you answer every question?

With a 🖕🏻here and a 🖕🏻 there. Here a 🖕🏻 there a 🖕🏻 every where a 🖕🏻🖕🏻

You are living with your partner and suddenly you find out your partner is with someone else what would you do to this situation?

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I wouldn’t be living with that partner but hay if they find the grass is greener by all means kick rocks, hit the road Jill!

Im from jordan Any girl here intereated to be my best ?

Been there, understand why your interest are for new


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