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Hello, You are continuing to improve RPG 20XX ENGINE? Tnk

Development on RPG20XX has been put on hold since summer 2015 as I can only work on LandTraveller during my own time.

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I might not trying hard enough (but I'm pretty sure I did, or missed something very obvious), but how do i play multiplayer for land traveller? after I clicked multiplayer->done-> it asked me to enter something... whatever i put in will bring me back to the multiplayer screen :( thanks beforehand

Are you using the public demo? The multiplayer test server for that has closed down. You'll be able to play multiplayer once the game is released on Steam for Early Access. I'm aiming around Spring 2017 for that.

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About Landtraveller: I enjoyed a bigger focus on combat in Terraria than in MC. Will the game be challenging beyond level 30? Will the enemies have primitive AI of "walk into target"? If it's possible I'd like any and all info about combat. Really excited for this.

The actual level scale may change, and there is no level cap, but I would like to keep it low. The game will start out forgiving enough, but it will become a very hard game. If it isn't a difficult game to beat, it wont be rewarding. I don't believe in easier difficulty settings, but unlike a lot of games that make that claim, I'm aiming for an easy and accessible beginning.
Developing deep AI in an uncertain environment like a constructive game will be difficult. I want the AI for enemies later in the game to play somewhat intelligibly, it is always a nice surprise for players. You'll have to wait and see here.
The combat comes down to the abilities you chose, the equipment you made, the weapons you use, and the special moves you perform. Every one of these has a small beginning implementation in the public demo except the special moves. I don't know if I'm going to call them "special moves", though.

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Just wondering if you've thought about creating a forum? Then it'll be easier to get help from other users and I wont be feeling like im bothering you D:. But I think this will probably be my last question for now. How do I remove the right box and the bottom left box from the (esc)ingame menu.

There is already a forum at and one is created for Steam games when they pass Greenlight and enter the store. I do not know what you mean by "the right box" and "the bottom left box". You can post a screenshot of what you are referring to.

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Thankyou very much! I did manage to make the event follow the player but i dont know how to make it detect obstacles and walk round them to continue following the player.

There isn't any advanced pathfinding in RPG20XX yet. The world and events can be detected using Detect Terrain and Detect Event (under map). For more advanced detection, there's a Ray command (under collision) which works in logical units (16 per tile).

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Recently I started using rpg20xx but there are some things i somehow can't manage to do. how do I make events move towards player(ie.zombies/ and caterpillar npcs)? And is there a way to make images appear directly above player like a emotion bubble?

To make events move towards another event, use Face At to look at them and then Step Forward. If what you want to do is specifically an emote, you could create an animation of the emote and then use Effect on the event.

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How do I use a clay tablet? And is there some resource such as a wiki that I could use for future help?

The clay tablets aren't implemented yet (or I should say, their function isn't). I feel it might be a little too early for a wiki, however, I will look into something like that when the game enters Early Access. For now, this will help record my answers to common questions, so feel free to continue asking me questions.

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Is there any way to improve visibility under ground? Is there a map in the game? How will you make this game increased publicity? Can you make your sword shoot fire? As for empty, I meant as far as questions.

I've actually completed fixes and improvements to the visibility function for the next release. I anticipate I'll work on and perfect this function time and time again, but the game is designed knowing particular situations are hard to see. It can use this assumption to increase or decrease the difficulty. Classic RPG games in this perspective did things like intentionally hide items or stairs behind other tall objects, or hidden side walls.
There is a map already in the game, open your menu and select it (on the row below your inventory). There is also a shortcut (default key 'M'). It shows you where you have explored already. If you build a structure large enough, it will even be visible from this map.
At the moment, I think word-of-mouth will suffice in terms of increase the game's coverage. You can help with this if you want~ However, this is the pre-greenlight stage. Once the greenlight page has actually been created, I have other methods of showcasing the game idea around.
It's not quite fire, but there is a default power already in the game that can work with your equipped sword. If you are the fox or deer animal type, they have a innate power. Press alt fire (default key left ALT) to shoot it. It also works with an equipped axe or bow. Later, orbs will be implemented in the game which allow anyone to use powers while equipped. Fire is planned as one of the first orbs.

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Surprisingly empty. Anyway, will there eventually be a Tank? For important trench crossing moments.

"Surprisingly empty"? I assume you're talking about LandTraveller Public Alpha Demo rel. 13 on February 18th, 2016. As for a tank, although the idea of constructing your own vehicles to drive over the land is enticing (especially considering how destructible the world is in games like these), there aren't plans to implement this until after the base game has been finished.

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When you say "port to Android" do you want to port the editor or thw engine? Will I be able to port my PC-made RPGs to Android using this or will I also be able to make games on Android?

An Android port may not happen, however, it is the 2nd most common operating system in the world behind Windows 7. That being said, "an Android port" means that there would be an engine that runs on Android. The games produced by RPG20XX are contained inside those 2XG files. Therefore, it would be an engine that plays the same RPG20XX games on Android as the Windows engine does on PC. Images, fonts, and other usually tricky systems are self-contained in the RPG20XX engine. Games should look and play the same except the Android is much weaker and only has a touch screen. There may be (probably are) unforeseen difficulties, so I can't guarantee this will happen. However, unlike Linux and other insignificant desktop/portable consumer platforms, it is truly "worth a shot".

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Sorry if I missed it, but are RM2k/3 projects going to be compatible with 20XX? Also, are there any other features you plan to add in your engine, eg Mode 7, or the newly added temp variables? Also, the editor crashes if you try to compile without opening any project. PS: Where to report bugs?

RPG Maker 200/3 projects will not be compatible. Trying to do so well was what nearly killed this project once as it bogged down in format requirements. Now for extra features, I can only say there will be many. I usually only talk about features I've already implemented for next versions, or required features. Advanced features will be kept a secret until I've decided exactly what they'll be and after I've then implemented and tested them. Lastly, even obvious bugs such as compiling without opening a project are still bugs. There are many ways to report bugs, although the most helpful way is to post it here for others to see:

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So what are your short term goals for RPG 20XX? Also, any plans of supporting Linux/Mac?

Right now I want a tool that can make classic RPGs. All these other projects aren't functional, complete, or easy to use. Having a tool that actually exists and is usable would put me above all the other similar projects. As far as other platforms go, if you play games on your computer you are running Windows. This is simply true if you look at Steam's own stats. I want to support one platform very well vs. lackluster yet cross platform support, I don't want quality to suffer when 95% of all computer gamers (on Steam no less) are already on Windows. The one caveat to this is when you consider the portable gaming landscape. In the future, the engine may be ported to Android- the second most common operating system in use. Considering both are entering the tablet and portable market, it's an obvious conclusion to support Windows and Android, but I probably won't have enough time or money to develop for Android.

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What did you have for lunch?

A bagel sandwich.

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What would you say makes RPG20xx superior over other free alternatives to RPGMaker? Such as the Wolf RPG Editor and RPGboss.

The answer to this depends on you, actually. In the end, you must answer this for yourself.. but I'm going to assume you are asking me this because you want me to answer as though it were my perspective.
It is true I can read Japanese, but it would take me too long to decode Wolf RPG Editor in order to evaluate it. It might be good, or it might be horrible. Japanese support will come to RPG20XX. If it works with Japanese text already, it would be coincidental. I still need to perform a series of tests first.
RPGboss looks as though it barely exists, is hard to use, and probably won't be finished. RPGboss is a good example that any RPG toolkit advertising "Open Source!" and "Linux!" on the front page over *a list of useful RPG features you are actually going to care about* is not worth your time. I haven't needed to refer to the many easy to use yet powerful features already implemented or planned for RPG20XX to answer this question. It is sad that you can eliminate many pieces of RPG creation software with the simple question "..but can it make RPGs?".
I also wrote a survey of other RPG creation toolkits here where I compare RPG20XX to the most complete projects out there:

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Do you like waffles?


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