So what are your short term goals for RPG 20XX? Also, any plans of supporting Linux/Mac?

Right now I want a tool that can make classic RPGs. All these other projects aren't functional, complete, or easy to use. Having a tool that actually exists and is usable would put me above all the other similar projects. As far as other platforms go, if you play games on your computer you are running Windows. This is simply true if you look at Steam's own stats. I want to support one platform very well vs. lackluster yet cross platform support, I don't want quality to suffer when 95% of all computer gamers (on Steam no less) are already on Windows. The one caveat to this is when you consider the portable gaming landscape. In the future, the engine may be ported to Android- the second most common operating system in use. Considering both are entering the tablet and portable market, it's an obvious conclusion to support Windows and Android, but I probably won't have enough time or money to develop for Android.

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