Sorry if I missed it, but are RM2k/3 projects going to be compatible with 20XX? Also, are there any other features you plan to add in your engine, eg Mode 7, or the newly added temp variables? Also, the editor crashes if you try to compile without opening any project. PS: Where to report bugs?

RPG Maker 200/3 projects will not be compatible. Trying to do so well was what nearly killed this project once as it bogged down in format requirements. Now for extra features, I can only say there will be many. I usually only talk about features I've already implemented for next versions, or required features. Advanced features will be kept a secret until I've decided exactly what they'll be and after I've then implemented and tested them. Lastly, even obvious bugs such as compiling without opening a project are still bugs. There are many ways to report bugs, although the most helpful way is to post it here for others to see:

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