When you say "port to Android" do you want to port the editor or thw engine? Will I be able to port my PC-made RPGs to Android using this or will I also be able to make games on Android?

An Android port may not happen, however, it is the 2nd most common operating system in the world behind Windows 7. That being said, "an Android port" means that there would be an engine that runs on Android. The games produced by RPG20XX are contained inside those 2XG files. Therefore, it would be an engine that plays the same RPG20XX games on Android as the Windows engine does on PC. Images, fonts, and other usually tricky systems are self-contained in the RPG20XX engine. Games should look and play the same except the Android is much weaker and only has a touch screen. There may be (probably are) unforeseen difficulties, so I can't guarantee this will happen. However, unlike Linux and other insignificant desktop/portable consumer platforms, it is truly "worth a shot".

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