About Landtraveller: I enjoyed a bigger focus on combat in Terraria than in MC. Will the game be challenging beyond level 30? Will the enemies have primitive AI of "walk into target"? If it's possible I'd like any and all info about combat. Really excited for this.

The actual level scale may change, and there is no level cap, but I would like to keep it low. The game will start out forgiving enough, but it will become a very hard game. If it isn't a difficult game to beat, it wont be rewarding. I don't believe in easier difficulty settings, but unlike a lot of games that make that claim, I'm aiming for an easy and accessible beginning.
Developing deep AI in an uncertain environment like a constructive game will be difficult. I want the AI for enemies later in the game to play somewhat intelligibly, it is always a nice surprise for players. You'll have to wait and see here.
The combat comes down to the abilities you chose, the equipment you made, the weapons you use, and the special moves you perform. Every one of these has a small beginning implementation in the public demo except the special moves. I don't know if I'm going to call them "special moves", though.

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