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(Not a question, just sharing) After a bad breakup, I started thinking just how much easier life would be if I were gay! 😂 That was before I realized I lived in a country where it would be super difficult to find a partner even if WAS gay. CONCLUSION: There are no shortcuts in life 😅

Muhammad Abdulla
Dude! I've thought the same thing! But here it would be easier

I'd really like to find some nice new people to follow. I enjoy making new friends. So, with that said, list a few accounts that you follow? ☺️

this are just the people i think are great to follow i love their page they seem really chill @ArianaIsBack @lifewithaubree_xoxo @samanthaelaine445 @kylanachelle3 @JordanLouiseLuke @Nightmare624 @Mommyandava @manduhmurder @lightoflove @learningwithlola @chilibeann i think that's all of them but im not sure

Did I resend my question by mistake? I must have Bz you did answer my question. 😊 Thank you! Curiosity did kill the cat, but when you get to learn something new unexpectedly, I always get a euphoric sensation 😃 Gonna show off my knowledge in front of friends tonight lol!

Muhammad Abdulla
Nope I was reading it and seen there was two parts so I reanswered! Nothing wrong with being curious that's a good thing!

Surprisingly enough, I learnt something new bz of my seemingly random curiosity of why people kept asking you about "Pan". My question is, how does one come around to classifying oneself as being pansexual at such an early age? Aren't teen years a confusing mess for every one of us?

I'm sorry I thought I answered all of this. I knew I didn't just wanna date guys or girls I knew I'd be okay dating anyone
Surprisingly enough I learnt something new bz of my seemingly random curiosity


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