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What are your big or new plans for 2024?

I moved and started three jobs. I’m going on vacation to Tennessee this year and I think that’s about it

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You rescued a stoat?

We rescued a ferret! We was left in a carrier cage with no food or water in a really bad rainstorm

Why do you have to live with roommates anyway

The cost of living in NJ is so high it’s ridiculously disgusting

What are you doing for the filler job

I will be cleaning and organizing an elderly man’s home. He wants it to be welcoming and homey again and asked if I could do it for him if he paid me

Sucks to be cooking and cleaning for people who don't help out. Why do you even live with them

Yeah but I don’t really mind to much. It was the last place I could go. My ex roommates kinda messed up the living situation I had

So you don't actually have a new job to start

Generally when you’re looking for a specific job in a specific field it takes a while. I have my current main job, I’m starting a filler job Wednesday and still looking for my specific occupation.

Can't the other 2 people help with the cooking and cleaning

No lol. One eats out 7 days a week and is barely home and the other eats out most of the time unless I make extra food. The second doesn’t clean at all

I think @iamjehovah7 is saying that it's odd and probably perverse that people are turning away from God and towards pagan entities, as if it was the year 186 again

I suppose so


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