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Can you truly love more than one person?

Of course - but in different ways. I truly love my parents. I truly love my boyfriend. I just show that love in different ways...for which my parents are probably very fucking happy lol xD
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If you could have any superpower, but had to fulfill a deed everytime you used that power to pay for the use of that power, would you take that contract, & if so what would your power be, & what would your deed be? (Question based off anime 'Darker Than Black')

That I can fly, but every time I do I look like a pigeon.
(is that how this works? I'm not familiar with the anime ^^ )
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What is your opinion about same gender relationships?

Exactly the same opinion as any relationship - it's who the person is rather than what the person is that's important.
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Do you think it is right to keep wild animals in a zoo?

Sure. It's no less natural than us killing them and destroying their habitats - and at least this way I might get to show my hypothetical grand-kids a real Tiger rather than a picture of one
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what brought you to the furry fandom? How "far into it" are you (cons/furrysuit/other)? Are happy and proud to be a furry?

Nothing really "brought" me to the furry fandom, although I suppose arguably the beginnings of it were when I joined the old Ozy and Millie fan-forum - Define Cynical. Some of the folks on there were furs and gradually I started looking more and more into it, created my own fursona, started drawing my own comic, and before I knew it I was "one of us" ;P
I'm not a fursuiter (not a fan of cosplay) and I haven't been to a convention yet - although I plan on that changing. Honestly, I view this fandom more as a community of mostly like minded people, who share a single love of anthropomorphic art - in that way I don't view us furs as any different as Trekkies or Whovians.
As for pride? Yeah, I suppose I am proud to be a furry...but then I'm also proud I managed put on trousers this morning so I wouldn't say I'm the best person to ask about it really :D

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What is it that Reuben actually saying in the first panel of this strip? O.o http://woodsforthetrees.comicgenesis.com/d/20130628.html

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"ゴジラ" is pronounced "Gojira", the Japanese spelling and pronunciation for Godzilla....or at least it would be if ゴジラ was what I'd got Reuben saying. I've only just realised upon getting this question I've accidentally misspelt the Japanese word. So instead of "ゴジラ" I've written "ゴリラ" - which means Reuben is actually shouting "GORRILLA!"
Lesson one - never do translations at 4am drunk on deadline day.
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