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Have you an tips for stretching my back ? Thanks♡

Backups and bridges ( for my opinion ) are the best way to stretch your back :)

Hi I'm going to rocky mountain school of dance and i'm 12 do think its too late to start

It's never too late to start! Good luck! Xo

You are such an inspiring account!!! Do you have a personal account?

Awe thanks ❤
And no! I don't have a personal account :)

How long does it take to learn splits ? I'm 15 :)

For each person it will take a different amount of time to get their full splits , but I'm assuming that if you will stretch everyday then it'll take something like 2-6 months ;)
Good luck!

hi! i love your ig! you seem like such a nice person and i know this'll sound mega creepy but do you wanna be ig friends? if not, that's fine. (: my acct is @xandraaling. thanks anyway!

Oh hi!!
I absolutely love your account ❤
And I'm so sorry but idk what ig friends means! Haha :|

How old are you soppused to start pointe?

We're all different , some of us goes en pointe at the age of 9-10 and some of us goes en pointe at the age of 14-16 , for my opinion, there's no certain age that says " if you're not going en pointe by the age of ..... Then you're never going to make it as a professional "

What dance school in Melbourne Australia would be good for a really tall dancer

Idk! Maybe the Australian Ballet School?

Who is your ballet role model (of multiple if you can't decide)

Beckanne Sisk
And Evgenia Obraztsova !

Is it to tall for a 13 year old girl to be 173cm and may want to become professional dancer

Nope! Your height is great!!
Any height is great for ballet
Maria Kochetkova said one that Ballet isn't a modeling business , everyone can dance! :)

How can you tell if your pointe shoes are dead? I'm on my first pair and I'm not unsure if they are.

Sure! Just what is your username? :)

Have you watched the movie Black Swans? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

Yeah I did, I didn't liked it at all, it shows reality ( in the ballet world- like the competition and the jealousy ) in a really twisted way!! How about you? :)

What is your favorite kind or brand of shoe?(other than point)

For pointe shoes my fave so far is Gaynor Minden,
And for flat I like Bloch! :)

I will be going en pointe in about a month. Do you have any reccomendations for toe pads, dealing with blisters, etc.?

I like to use bunheads toe pads generally!
I also recommend toe tape! Its another layer of protection for your toes when you go en pointe and it helps with blisters ( at least to me ) haha :)


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