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Hamare parents ko lagta hai beemari se le kr mulk ke halaat hamare he to phone use krne ki wajha se kharab ho rhy hain.

Mariyam38486’s Profile PhotoMariyam
Agree to some extent with Hmare parents wali baat bemari ko chor k… 😁

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What good habits would you like to include in your life?

boredayesha’s Profile PhotoAyesha
There’re plenty…
To wake up early !!
To pray 5 times a day !!
Being true to myself and of course others!!
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Answer this with poetry.

aribasultan1998’s Profile PhotoAriba
شوګيرې د خپل زنګون د پاسه خوند که
‏خو د خوب دپاره ستا زنګون پکار دې
‏حمزه بابا

Do you believe in karma?

drsahibarmc’s Profile PhotoU.
I don’t know who’s “You” otherwise I would’ve told whether “You” believe or not in karma.. 🤧😄


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