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What is your way of showing people you love them?

MaryJane214’s Profile PhotoMary Jane
I have several ways.
But one way is I like writing a bunch of little love notes and marking them like collectables. Like they'll say 1 of 20. 2of 20. Etc. Then hiding them everywhere until they are all found. I always hide them where I know she'll be definitely looking.
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Why is there so many bad ingredients in American food? Like i read a bottle of hot sauce and it said may contain zinc ?

EvilThrillerDanielle’s Profile PhotoSultão Das Matas
It's funny I just saw this question because I saw this meme today and I was totally floored. I'm in the US and I'm kind of pissed off we can't get the UK version.
Why is there so many bad ingredients in American food Like i read a bottle of
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