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Sorry...I wasn't trying to be rude...just like...what ._.

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lmfao. there's 20,000 comedians out of work & your dumbass is trying to make a joke. k, well first off, I have an underbite & I'm getting an $80,000 surgery to fix it so rude ass people like you with shut tf up. & you weren't trying to be rude? let me quote what you said "what's wrong with your face? why is your chin fucked up like that?" if that isn't rude, then I don't know what is. don't you dare point out people's flaws bc I'm pretty sure you aren't perfect either. in fact I know you aren't since you have the audacity to try & insult me & then say you're not trying to be rude. now I'm done wasting my time on replying to you. have a good fucking night.

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