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And what to actually do? If I ever feel like that, See, Im not asking it assuming you depressed, But do want to know some random thoughts. ✨

YKW?? I was actually in depression for a long time like one n half month...
To overcome,you must have good friends in your life who will never leave yew alone.
Depression doesn't mean ds jgh muh maro🙂 give yourself time,to learn from your own mistake.
Don't trust anyone again so easily like never ever. Koi bhi apna nhi hota except your parents🌸
Don't share your secrets with anyone. I repeat don't :)))
Learn to be alone. Apny company enjoy kro, your life will be easier then.

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How It actually feels like being depressed?

Depression is like you don't know what to do.. you're too tired even to stand up r doin anything like there is no energy left in your body. you completely lost your thinking ability. Listening sad songs, overthinking, skipping meals, shutting yourself, you start maintaining distance, you are no longer believe in what every single fucking person said.
At the end the one who can't handle pain giving up their life's :'))

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