Ask @Xenogelion:

Competitive League is fun to watch, just because of the high level play. Personally I mostly watch the LCK (Korean league) because I like the format, and it is on at a convenient time for me. Competitive starcraft and CS is also pretty cool to watch. Do you have a car? if so what?

nah, I walk or take public transport.

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If DE were to let you make any three changes to the game, what would they be, and why?

Oh gawd, this is hard. Typically I have complete faith in DE's choices so I'm going to tackle this as, what would I have done differently.Take the reputation cap off Cephalon Simaris, it's super pointless having it. Have the rep cap as it is BUT after you pass it you have a trickle of rep after each mission like 1-10% of what you would have gotten.
*been sat here for 30 minutes*
Oh and I'd also change the supra's ammo type to have infinite ammo but overheats if it's fired for too long. Using ammo restores or picking up ammo would bring down the heat faster.

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