Ask @XxAlanPadillaxX:

not getting irritated by exclamations: "Every time I look, you always are in the web"?

I already answered this ... It doesn't bother me, in fact I think it makes it more interesting because there are many people who simply answer the first thing that comes to mind (one to three words )
With the way of talking about a person you understand everything you can know about him or her ...

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Name five of your favourite anime

Sorry, but I'm bad at choosing my favorite things ... I guess I'll put the last ones I've seen that I liked
1- Naruto (I practically grew up knowing him)
2- No game no life (It contains a lot of fanservice and I don't know if it will continue, but I really like the concept of the protagonists and the story)
3- FullMetal alchemist / FullMetalAlchemist Brotherhood (My childhood classic xD)
4- Sate de Fate (I like the many stories he has)
5- My Hero Academia (I really like how the progress of the story feels, I think it will become an anime that I can really see several times)

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