Ask @XxAlanPadillaxX:

What activities do you prefer? What would you like to learn to play or ride? 🎱🏓🏒🎾🚴🏻

I like almost every sport, game or visual entertainment ... But I prefer to watch series, programs, movies, etc. because it allows me to understand the ideology and emotions of the authors / creators, besides that normally the future of humanity begins with ideas taken from this type of entertainment.
Nothing really ... I'm not the type of person who gets to study or enter a team just for the taste of something, because my mind assimilates it as a routine and instead of enjoying learning and improving, I end with a lot stressing... This does not mean that I would not like to TRY something
I would like:
- Parachute jumping
- Jump in hang gliding
- Play basketball decently
- Skiing and skating in snow / water
- Go kart

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if someone ur usually mean to told u they were in love with u which is why the bugged you, how would u feel and what would u say

Usually when someone bothers you just tell them... but if you never do it, never bother you really
I think that falling in love is something that should be tried to respect and accept at least to some extent. So I would be confused and try to understand first why he is in love with me and what he really feels. Although I am so a very nervous for many situations,I would ask many things trying not to hurt the other person for having dared to say it.

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Which is more important to you: someone who has a similar sense of humor, or someone who has similar interests?

:/ It is difficult to answer this, because I consider that every small aspect of a person influences too much to be able to kwon a feeling for someone ....
But I choose similar interests, because dont I would be with someone who really does not care what I think and he/she does what he likes best....

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What are some songs you have a lot of memories?

Because of my beliefs related to GOD, I try not to relate the songs very much to my feelings since most of the emotions that you manifest are of sadness, loneliness or pain with all those lyrics of songs composed of that feeling ... Acquire negative thoughts that do not they are yours, it is not quite right in my opinion ...
I have said it many times, the most important song for me is probably "in the end - Linkin park", because I always listened to it when I was depressed since ever

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