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I've tried moving on but when I do I get really sad and wanna kill my self

It may suck a lot at first, but after a little while it should get easier, become busy, hang out with friends, go to events and just have fun. I wish I did that more. But you will regret being hung up on him for so long when you could be spending this time being happy and finding out who you really are

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I'm in love with my ex but he has a gf how do I get over him,he's such a sweet guy but he lies a lot but I know when he's lying and when he's not

I'd say just move on, there isn't any point in you being sad over a guy who isn't worth your time, if you move on and find someone else of even spend some time reflecting on yourself so you are happy is a good idea. It's worth it in the end, believe me.

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The girl I like hates me. I get tormented every fuvking day at school. And I'm sour ounces by drugs.

Why do you still like her if she hates you? Is there a reason that she hates you? And I think at one point everyong has to deal with shitty people at school, I honestly dont think there is a way to avoid it you just have to try and not let it bother you and once they see you dont give a fuck it usually ends. Become the bigger person and call them out for being disrespectlyful and have no life, and if you use really fancy terms it usually makes them feel worse for what they did.And I can't tell you not to do drugs, but they don't make things better

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