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i actually agree with you. :) i think that its fair and natural for hot girls to prefer big d guys! and most of them do tbh.. but we're livin in the times of feminism and no girl wants to settle for small! lol it is what it is

Anon, please come off.
Don't just put in the feminism whenever you want to.
Feminism means equal rights for all. No woman should treated anyway less than a man, in every field of life.
It has nothing to do with "hot girls preferring big d guys." And, it never will be.
What are we even talking about here?
"Settle for small?" What even is that.
These concepts elude me.

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i cant say personally.. but almost all of the girl i know believe that small ones cant get a girl. some have even broken up with their guys coz of the size problem.. lol! modernization effect maybe :P

Well, I'd only say, don't ask for a David Beckham if you're not a Victoria Secret's model, yourself.
If this is what "modernization" is, call me old fashioned but I choose not to let physical appearance bar emotional intimacy.

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yeah i agree! its bad thing to say but he kinda deserved it.. and its true what she said to him if you ask me.. i/m sure you will agree too :)

Considering his crude comments, yes he probably deserved it. However, I stand by what I said.
How old are three of you? Ideas such as "not getting a girl because of small dicks" should not be entertained in any occasion at all. Physical characteristics matters the least. The ones who say the contrary are absolute dimwits.

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ikr ;) my friend did the same.. she told him that his D is not big enuff to be called a man! and you will never be able to satisfy or even get a girll!! lol haha

The thing about insults is, don't get down to their level. Ever.
Belittling someone for their physical appearance is unforgivable action.
Hence, if you want to answer back to the person, retain your standards and give them a subtle (or savage) dose. And that's it.
Make him feel guilty. Teach him a lesson. But don't ever bring yourself down to their level. Remain the person you are.

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