Ask @XxPrincessfoxxX:

Favorite color, favorite song, favorite book, favorite band, favorite clothes?

Fav color is green but I’m also loving like soft/pastel pinks lately. Fav song at the moment is Lost on you by LP or acoustic version of Naive by the kooks. Fav book is milk and honey by Rupi Kaur, fav band atm is probably I The Mighty. Fav clothes, I don’t have any

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What's youre favourit Disney Movie? And what's youre favourit Song from a Disney Movie? :3

I don’t really say it’s a Disney movie but eh it has Disney in it so The Nightmare Before Christmas and Jack’s lament but if we are talking about true Disney hmmm probably Peter Pan 💕 and song would be Bare necessities or ev’ry body wants to be a cat

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