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Are you good at keep secrets ?

Depending on who if my close friend then yes but if a family member or relatives no

If someone breaks your trust once, how can you trust them again?

Advice Trust No liar simple 💯
Trust nobody but only Trust Yahweh Yahshua the God of Heaven and Earth 🌎 🙏🏼 ✨️ 🙌 Remains True and faithful ♥️

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Are you a loyal friend?

I believe that I've been the most loyal friend.
Despite distance and test of time.
I don't question my best friend loyalty cause she has been here close but I don't doubt 💯% of the time. She's one of the most loyal friend I have known ever since 2014.
Are you a loyal friend
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Are you single or dating?

Just single but I choose not to date even if my close friend wants me to try me do but I just got to much things going on that are time consuming and I just read an article about it. But I perfer to spend my time and money wisely and enjoy the most of my time alone in peacefulness.
Paraphrased Version 》 I'm single, but I refuse to date, even if a close friend encourages me to do so. I have too many time-consuming responsibilities, and I just read an article about it. But I'd rather spend my time and money wisely and spend the majority of my time alone in peace.

Are you truly happy?

Its Just Me
Is anyone truly happy because I find myself struggling to remain in that happy mood. I will be truly happy until I'm satisfied with achieving my goal. I think I cried more in silence than being happy these past last year.

Are you in love with someone who won't love you the same?

I am aware of how love was and is, according to their baseline behavior pattern but right now, what I can do is wait patiently for my turn to come.


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