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opinion on trundle top

Fine into big tanks, doesn't provide enough utility from a toplane because he can't gap close. He's strong support because the pillar and ult are always useful, investing gold to make his other abilities just doesn't feel worth it when you compare him to other toplaners. He does shit on Fiora tho which is fun

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Thoughts on Illaoi and how to maybe make her work? I've found her to be an oddball against assassin midlaners, but that sounds too weird to be legit?

Andrés Roddau
She is designed to punish mistakes, which puts the ball in the court of the enemies and that is no good if you play vs strong players- she is also not good vs ranged champions which is the meta we are in right now. I can see her work against dive compositions

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I usually play 5v5 with my friends and every time i suggest doing baron, they never want to do baron, even if it's an ace for us. When's the best time to do a baron if there is no ace for any team, considering equality in gold for both teams?

There is no abstract way to say this is when you Baron. Baron has a set value and a set risk, like anything else in the game like towers, creeps, vision, buffs and drakes. Keep in mind what you need to do to win the game, because some compositions rely on baron. With that in mind it comes with experience to be able to grasp when to do baron and when to push etc. A much simpler way to put it is, do we need to push inhib to win? Can we get inhib with baron? Can we get it without being punished? Scenarios are unique. After writing this I feel like I have made it a bit complicated, in reality it is just something that comes with experience. Try and fail, learn and prevail.

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After tracking enemy's warding path during the laning phase, what are the next points to do?? I mean, i have the timing of wards; the location of them; if they are pink ou green; who places them... how should I read it and what should i bring to my team?

I am gonna be honest, this information won't help much. Just look to see if they do anything different and exploitable, if they do stuff that is not exploitable it is just correct play and the only response to that is correct play.

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1. What are the most important jobs of each role in season 6? 2. Which are the top 5 supports in this meta and under what circumstances would you pick them? finally 3. What kind of team composition do you consider to currently be the strongest? Snyggt namn förresten ;)

Control and laning. There is no simple way to put it. Jungle and support control the map, tp controls the map from top and mid pressure controls the map. Supports: Braum Thresh Alistar (nerfed I am not sure I think it's disgusting to play) Trundle Morgana Bard - they counter each other in a circle, pick a strong scaling support and into good match up. Strongest compositions revolve around a champion that can clear waves, 2 champions that can split and 2 champions that compliment these champions. Strong split pushers tend to have good lane phases and is what matters. Thank you my friend ;)

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In the actual patch, is it still viable to build the support item (the one with ghosts) to midlaners? Or morello/athene (vs heavy ap team) are better ones? What about building 2 of them? (the ghosts one + athene for example)?

I don't like both. CD-R per level is the way to go. Frost queens is out of date and is only good if you can afford it really early in the game because it actually pays off, think of it as a safe mejais.

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