Ask @Yamiipon:

Hiiii Yamio!!!!!! I just want to say that I seriously inspired you and your art work, they are just too kawaii ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ also I want to know what inspired you to start drawing (`・ω・´)

Awww gosh thank you!!! So honoured //V//// ♥
What inspired me was the fact I was not able to express myself vocally very well, so I made up for that by drawing out my emotions instead!

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And...Whem I ese your art I think I draw so bad...

Awww don´t feel like that! Use my art as an inspiration if you like it that much!
Rather than to put yourself down! There will always be people out there that are better than you, no matter what level you are on. So just keep doing you and what you enjoy and you´ll keep moving forward along with everyone else! ♥
All the good artists are the bad ones that never gave up! /////

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I want to ask how you got so popular on youtube and on deviantart. I want people to notice and critique my artwork, and just to have a sense of belonging in the art community >^<.

My "popularity" never came quick.
I´ve been on YouTube for 7 years. on dA for 5. It took a long time of hard work and constant consistent uploading to get where I am today.
Just keep working hard! I never really worked to get popular but rather just worked hard on my art instead. That people came along and appreciated it of course made me utterly happy! But I think if popularity was my goal I would have been disencouraged very early on.
But if you want critiques etc, join Critique groups!
If you want to be in a community, join RP groups and smaller groups!
There always ways! ♥

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Dear, Yamio, Can I ask where I can possibly find/download the "smooth" brushes you are using in your speedpaint videos? Also, I do not understand how you can change the line colors so easily! Please help me!

It´s just the normal brush tool ♥
You just lock the lineart layer and change the colours ♥

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Hello Yamio! I am from Thailand. I like your art very much >< . Can you draw from request? I want you to draw Kagamine Len. If you can't.Never mind. I'm sorry I'm not good grammar. T_T

HIII! //V/// Thank you so much!
No sorry I don´t take requests, but I do keep fan art requests in mind for the future if I have time to do one! ♥

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