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How often do you worry about saying the wrong thing and/or potentially coming across as insensitive or too blunt?

All the time

Why am I on antidepressants yet still very much depressed?

Different antidepressants work on different receptors or they're an agonist vs. antagonist or antagonist vs. agonist so looking into the mechanics of your antidepressant and finding one that works differently can help you. Your psychiatrist (?) should know this information a lot better though.
Moreover, not everyone who is depressed even has a chemical imbalance, in many cases it's an external thing and of course if your environment is shit you'll continue to feel bad.

Would you ever go on an old school blind date set-up by friends, family etc. with no pictures?

I don't want to go on any dates, blind or not

Do you have a habit of consuming caffeine in the middle of the night or towards 12AM?

I love energy drinks but I try not to drink them after like 8 PM. Haven't had one in a bit though since I'm wary of damaging my gums again.


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