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What is the use of the word "I am by your side" after recovery, and "I love you" and you do not accept my faults, and "I am sorry" after a week of conflict! What is the benefit of “I am proud of you” and you did not share with me the suffering of arrival, no dear, no benefit from cold words that come out of time, no benefit from restoring a soul that died a while ago, There is no point in telling me a word that I longed to hear in a while, for you to say it at Once again when the desire to listen died.

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مش عارف والله اقول ايه، انا بس بتمنى لو حد يدعيلي من قلبه اني اجيب مجموعه صيدله ف ٣ث ياجماعه يمكن الاقدار تتغير و اجيبها فعلا، ادعولي ياجماعه بالله عليكم من قلبكم، وربنا يجازيكم خير ، احساس ان الواحد تعبان نفسيا دا صعب اوي.

ربنا يعملك الصالح ويوفقك يارب .
هى سنه صعبه بس كفيله أنها تغير مستقبلك
خليك قدها ⁦⁩⁦💪🏻⁩

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