Ask @Yokurama:

So I'm watching the Monster anime and really enjoying it so far, I think I'm about 15 episodes in but I wanted to know if you think I should read the manga too or would I be fine with just the anime?

The anime does an amazing job adapting the manga so I suggest continuing the anime series and leaving the manga for another time once you finish the anime series. Both are fantastic though.

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What do you think of Death Note? It's my favourite anime of all time, and it seems like you dont like it, or you dont care some much about it.But then you said you've seen the whole series 4 times, what's your thoughts on it?

I was watching Death Note as it was airing and after witnessing how the second part of the Death Note series was week by week, it left me with a very bad taste in my mouth.

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I didn't like Hell Girl because it just seemed like every episode would follow the same formula of something bad happening then Hell Girl comes then takes the bad guy away and then it goes on to someone else. Does it change up at some point because if it does then I will pick it up again.

So you don't like the episodic formula that the series has? If so, I'm fine with that since episodic series don't work for everyone.
It's doesn't really change much. Each ep is it's own story.

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Do you know of any good horror anime? I have only seen one good one and that was Higurashi. I watched Shiki but I didn't really find it to be much of a horror and Hell girl was boring after 4 episodes

How did you not like Hell Girl!? 0_0
Horror anime aren't really scary at all but they sure can be creepy. I'm in the process of watching Ghost Hunt (6 eps in) and so far the second arc has been one of creepiest things I've seen in anime xD

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When you say that you couldn't make it past episode 4 of Bakemonogatari was it because you didn't like it? Because I recently tried to watch it and I found it pretty hard to watch but I am pretty sure that I liked it

It's not that I didn't really like it. I just kinda ended up putting it on hold and watching something else. I guess it can just bore me at times?
I'll watch all of the Monogatari franchise at one point. I promise.

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