Ask @YoshaTERA:

Sorry about not being clear. What's your opinion on 3 damage increase lines vs. 14 crit rate + 2 damage increase lines on Sorcerer Discs?

I still prioritize on using the 3 damage increase on things like Ambit and Discovery Sorc weapon because I have the crit jewelry, etching, and innerwear for boosted crit rate already. I don't know your setup or your goals for that matter so if you want to settle with Ambit, then take off behind damage for crit rate. If you get more crit additions from jewelry, etching, and innerwear then go for 3 damage increase rolls.

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Yeah, i was gonna test by myself but, no crit inner, no double deathwise rings, or even one with +crit rolls, so had to ask hehe, i really feel like going full deathwise on sorcerer :) Thanks!

Yeah that's the thing when suggesting about your build. What innerwear you have, etchings, jewelry, etc. So it's hard for me to tell you directly on which path you should go with whatever funds or goals you have in your setup.

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About the jewelry combos, for sorcerer/archer/zerker

Full crit build just seems to be the way to go at the moment, but I just don't have my full end-game setup to say for certain if it makes a grand difference or not. So either choices are fine if you want to do 3:2 or full crit build. The best way is how I tell everyone else, "test and see what result you'll get". Right now with my current setup, my Sorc is on full crit build and I seem to see a good difference on how often my Nova and Fireblast crits, but I could just be having good RNG luck that day. So I gotta test several days if I feel like a full crit or a 3:2 jewelry setup is the way to go for me or not.

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Yo, Yosha! Do you have any insight as to why they would nerf Traverse Cut's debuff from 0.85 to 0.3?? TC is sub par for PVP, and i can understand the nerf for the PVE reasons, but 0.3 seems a little severe to me. Do you think TC still holds up now, or do you think they need to tweak it more??

Warrior's damage is stupidly insane right now. It's no wonder Traverse Cut was nerfed.

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