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The only thing I want is you.

Your all I want. You don’t believe and I don’t know why. We don’t talk so that makes things complicated. It’s not me or you, we both need communicate.

If you had to choose between living on the beach and living in the city, which would you choose?

Living by the beach

Being the one for you wouldn't be enough for you...

I never said that shit so you can shove that statement down your throat you rude mfer.

Would you rather find true love or be rich?

I can whatever I want and I deserve both. True love and wealth😌🥹

Do girls actually like guys who sing? I do singing as a hobby and i want to know if girls like guys who do that?

Yes. Not all tho I do. We can sing together

For some of you women, why is it a red flag if a guy is uncircumcised?

Some women would say it looks like a worm without the walls💯🥹 being honest with you.


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