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Does it help you do self catharsis? Have tou practised emotional cleansing through writing? How did es it seem to work?

I’m not sure if I can answer that because you see, writing for me is just writing? I know I sound dumb but I’ve never written something because I want to or I need to, the words just slip of my mind and there’s nothing more to it. To be honest, I’ve never really thought about how my words effect me.

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night draws to a close. Thus, the worst, or "darkest" moments will come just before dawn. Although 😅 who has said that light is good and dark is bad? Allah has perfected all his favourite humans in darkness. In solitude as i mentioned in my answer earlier. 2/2

Syed Zaland
The metaphorical meaning is what I had in my mind and it correlates with what you just said right now. You’re right, Allah has indeed perfected his favourite humans in darkness and light both through his will.❤️ Just because this quote symbolises night as struggle, it doesn’t mean that every time darkness/night is mentioned, I’d refer that particular idea in the light of this quote.

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