What is your biggest fear or worry?

Fear is an emotion we naturally get, from the day we grow in the womb of our mothers, claiming it uncontrollable, I fear far to many things, yet if you stand back and take a closer look, we only fear to keep us from harm, however I don't think I could list all of my fears, the one main is also a worry, I fear and worry the days my girlfriend feels life is boring or, not worth it, therefore placing her into a place of stress and depression, I do not fear or worry she may do something to the higher scale of taking her own life, I fear she will not see the bright colours of life, I fear she is blind to as how short life is.

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What is something you do every single day?

Every day, every hour, every minute and every second im thinking about my girlfriend, the one I love, this is how I know I love her.

What do you dream about?

I dream of no better then the life I lice. I have no need to, as I found comfort, settlement and more importantly 'love'

i dont feel comfortable like that

You see, I really would like to remain as anonymous as possible, if you're uncomfortable with answering questions on ask.fm, im not forcing you, only asking for polite conversation? :)

What is the purpose of life?

This...is one of the questions we all ask, daily intact. I'm sure everyone knows the real answer to this question is simply down to self observance, opinion if you will. Now, I would say in my opinion, lifes purpose is purely down to love and affection, without love the common human is lost without meaning, affection and love can come in many forms, but any of them will give you a purpose of living, that's to be by their side, to protect the ones you love.

What's your opinion about the death penalty?

I feel the death penalty is one of the worst punishments there are, considering it takes a rather 'hefty' crime to be sentenced to such punishment. How do people change, if they are cut off? They should suffer, be put through extreme living measures, give them a chance to learn how precious life is, let them see how it should only be theirs they can control.

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